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Appropriately subtitled, "How To Drive Free Traffic To Your Website," the book is an absolute treasure trove of instruction, tips, resources, audio interviews, free books, and other significant and relevant resources that makes this book a virtual handbook for Internet marketing.
The author begins with the comforting words, "Anybody can do SEO...it's simply a matter of being methodical and applying the same principles to every page of your website."
To those who love to shroud the whole topic of SEO in mystery terms understandable only to the geeks and techies, this book demystifies and reduces the topic to a simple list of steps that anyone can (and should) do.
And don't expect your web designer to do this for you in spite of what they say.  You need to know enough of this information to be able to separate truth from hype.
"Optimize Your Website" is amazingly complete yet amazingly easy to follow and do. But remember what the late Jim Rohn once wisely said,
"What's easy to do is also easy not to do."
This book will clearly show you what to do -- the rest is up to you.
Dr Jerry Graham  

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